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The alternative pop band Whocat is the brainchild of the Brussels-based singer/songwriter and artist Sara Moonen.

Her band has a robust foundation: Joris Lindemans (double bass) 

and Davy Palumbo (drums/percussion) share a versatile, organic approach,with lots of space for interaction. Benoît Minon (electric guitar) possesses endless melodic wit and originality. 

Ever since the founding of the band in 2014, Whocat performed over 150 concerts in Belgium, toured in UK and gigged in France & The Netherlands. 

After a first EP ‘Blueprints’ (2015), they  proudly presented their fullalbum 'Joyful Rebellion' (2019) with a release tour and a highlight concert in AB Club Brussels. After this release tour, the band performed on summer festivals such as Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), Esperanzah Festival , Gaume Jazz festival etc....

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21 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 20:00 
   Whocat Duo
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