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Let me introduce myself. My name is Koen Stynen and I live in Herentals, Belgium.

It all started in the 90’s when I found a shoebox filled with unlistened demo tapes in the local youth club ‘JH Phoenix’ and my curiosity was triggered. From that moment my urge to discover adventurous artists never stopped. And I started working as a dedicated myriapod for cultural events from living room concerts to festivals.

In 2022 I started with my own agency. My focus is on booking services and tour management for several Belgian and international artists.

In parallel I am involved as co-organiser for the festival ‘Gitannekesfoor’ & 'Cirque Gitan Festival' and different organisations like vzw Zomerspoor and vzw Keizer Karel. I had many successful freelance collaborations with artists including: Raúl Marques (POR) and Gypsy Ska Orquesta (VEN).


Check and discover the Quiet Crowd roster and feel free to drop me a line.


Always into new inspiring collaborations!

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