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La Tromba - Chili

Balkan, Gypsy, Afro-Latino, Jazz y música Arabe 

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La Tromba is a wind and percussion band formed in Concepción in 2011. Their music fuses different genres such as Balkan, Gypsy, Afro-Latin, Jazz and Arabic music. 


In 2018 La Tromba recorded their first LP "Latin Balkan Music and in 2019 they toured several European festivals, visiting Spain, France and Scotland. 


In 2021 they released their second album "Primavera Macabra", experimenting with more influences of rock. A second tour in 2022 through Europe and the UK, brought them to perform at some of the major music festivals in Scotland, England, the Basque Country and France. 


In the tireless search for their own sound and to expand their musical possibilities even further, the band is currently configured as a completely acoustic quintet, with an atypical instrumentation of Arabic percussion, saxophones and trombone. A bit in the style of the fanfares of the old continent, but with an authentic stamp and a clear determination to go beyond the traditional. 

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Available in Europe : June, July August 2024

25 AUGUST 2024
Mabato Bato Festival - Waregem - Belgium
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24 AUGUST 2024
Cirque Gitan Festival - Diest Citadel - Belgium
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23 AUGUST 2024
De Grote Sierk Fairfest Oxfam - Beveren - Belgium
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9 JULY 2024
Mardignac - Limoges - France
29 JUNE 2024
Les Poulissones - Limoges - France

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